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Male enhancement: Androfill®, P-shot®, Priapus Toxin™

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About Male Enhancement at McKelvie Medical

Dr Mark McKelvie is the first and only Androfill-certified physician in the Philippines, providing safe, non-invasive penis enhancement/augmentation using dermal fillers with the Androfill Proprietary Injection Technique®.

The Androfill procedure safely increases penis thickness (erect and flaccid) and penis length (flaccid).

The Androfill method provides a smoother and firmer result, with less downtime (2 weeks before resuming sex).

Contact the clinic for further information on Androfill treatment with Dr Mark McKelvie – appointments with strict confidentiality.

  • Increase girth (up to 20% safely)
  • Increase flaccid length
  • Safe, reversible procedure (using hyaluronic acid fillers)
  • Estimated half-life 12-24 months (depending on filler type, some clients retain 80% volume at 5 years)
  • World-leading Androfill Proprietary Injection Technique®

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

McKelvie Medical is one of only two providers of the P-shot® (Priapus-shot®), Priapus Toxin™ and P-shot 100® injectable procedures in the Philippines for the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and botulinum toxin therapy to help improve the erection.

The P-shot® is not a guaranteed treatment for ED, but may help those suffering from mild to moderate ED. Based on the latest studies and experience, 2 in 3 clients undergoing P-shot® treatment will see an improvement in their symptoms.

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